Experimental Film (Student screening 2)

Time Capsule by Farah Ojaghi

Talk to Me by Jack Lewis

Surreale by Billy Littler

Our Jamaican Problem by Jamal Davis

The World Ends with you by James Haves

Awak3 by Dylan Connolly

ANSCNSEVPATHT  A visual poem short by Curtis Clive

Eyes of The After Effects by Jayden Buckland

Contact by Josh Haigherty

Paint me Better by M. Shepherd

The Two Sides of my life by Xinyuan Zhao

White Noise by Annie Antrobus

Luminosity by Gabbie Woodhouse

Heaven by Rob Clough

Outsider Wish by Eduardo Ferreira

Araignee by Sam Colley

Tides of Life by Shante Dunkley

Photophile by Ivy Jlassi

Reflection by Jacob Hart