Acoustic Instruments and Electronics

Scott Hewitt, Jordi Carreras, Molly Darley, Joe Kershaw – Trio Mining AudioBox One

Trio Mining AudioBox One makes use of a deliberately awkward, erratic computer based process forcing players to adapt to varying conditions and predicaments. Players audio inputs are analysed for key parameters which are then dynamically mapped to varying processes in real time. Such dynamic mapping breaks traditional instrument action associations and casualties forcing players to contended with the varying consequences of their actions and of others within the trio. Typically mining AudioBox One involves entering, cutting three rooms and then retreating.

Jordi Carreras is a musician interested in interacting with computers as a performance practice. He is currently studying BA (Hons) Music (Popular) at Leeds College of Music. Molly Darley is interested in performing new music and contemporary works written especially for saxophone. She also enjoys performing with larger ensembles and currently performs with the wind ensemble and New Music Collective at Leeds College of Music. Molly is currently in her second year at Leeds College of Music studying classical saxophone under the tuition of Sarah Markham. Joe Kershaw is a guitarist and composer currently studying at Leeds College of Music. Joe plays guitar in progressive rock and noise trio ‘Troika’, which he formed with fellow Leeds College of Music students in early 2017. Scott Hewitt (Programmer) is interested in improvising music with computers, using dials and accessible notational methods. He currently lectures at Leeds College of Music.

Ana Berkenhoff

Ana Berkenhoff is rocking her very own version of Dada-Postindustrial-Pop. “Punk” about the new music-performance FYIE. She is working with electronic and analog sounds, homemade instruments, voice(s) and field recording. Her sonic works got invited to Evimus Festival for elektro-accoustic and visual music, sound in documentary film Huddersfield/UK, Tilde Festival for new music and sound art Melbourne, received the Francis Chagrin Award. Ana is a long standing actress, theatre director, author of theatre plays+experimental radio drama and -musician. Beside playing live, performing and exhibiting this year she did a hands-on talk about electronic music making at Somersethouse London, was a panelist at FOCUS WALES 2017 in: “How embracing the digital revolution can give you the edge” and co-organised PAF- musicweek near Paris, a place to experiment and tear down the boarders of your own (musical) specialism.

Duncan Chapman: Shrutidrone

Duncan Chapman ( is a composer and sound artist based in Lincolnshire . Much of his work results in sound installations, recordings or multi-media performances. Recent projects include co-directing a large-scale performance project for Casa da Música (Porto) and a Music for Young Players concert at HCMF in 2017 which included a performance of David Bedford’s Balloonmusic 1 with 160 primary school children. Other projects include Dark Januaries, an annual personal composition project with Isabel Jones; But where do we get the water?: London Chamber Orchestra for orchestra, young players / laptop ensemble ; Rising Breath with Stewart Collinson and Mike McInerney (which was performed at Noisefloor 2017 & Seeing Sound 2016); Other projects include performances with Supriya Nagarajan (Manasamitra) for the Lullabies project at the Ultima Festival (Oslo 2016/17) and at the Kamppi “Chapel of Silence” (Helsinki) and orchestral lullabies (Iceland Symphony Orchestra). Duncan is also currently involved in touring White Cane (Salamanda Tandem) and performances for Spitalfields Music, HCMF & Firstsite Gallery. Duncan is also working with DMU in Leicester on the INTERFACES project and mentoring two composers (for Sound And Music) who are creating new pieces for the British Paraorchestra.