Experimental Film

  1. Les Chemins Bleus (The Blue Paths) by Muriel Montini, France.
  2. BodyScan by  Alexandra Spence & Katrina Stamatopoulos, Australia/UK.
  3. Ego-Crazia by Francesca Leoni, Italy.
  4. I am just trying to say that i love life by Giorgos Efthimiou, Greece.
  5. Atlas of uncertainty  by Massimo Vito Avantaggiato, Italy.
  6. Light by Reza Golchin, Iran.
  7. Plant Dreaming Deep by Charlotte Clermont & Emilie Payeur, Canada.
  8. Full Moon by Pierre Ajavon, France.
  9. Sample16 By Mark A. Zuniga, USA.
  10. Simulacro by Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo, Italy.
  11. Spring Mirror by Ruxandra Mitache, Romania.
  12. The Antiteater of Ten (A Short Film) – Martin Del Carpio Venezuela/USA.
  13. Under the Ground by Don Greenwood, UK.
  14. Zero Degree Overlap, by Zlatko Cosic, USA.
  15. Let The Devil In by Paul Ottey, UK.
  16. Memories of Filey by Susie Green. Cuba/USA
  17. Uncle Bingo by Adam de la Cour, UK.
  18. In the House of Mantegna by Michele Manzini, Italy.
  19. life would be tragic if it weren’t funny by Jolene Mok, British Hong Kong.


More Details

 Les Chemins Bleus (The Blue Paths) by Muriel Montini, Duration Mins/Secs 8

There was a park. A mirror was placed in its center and Men could enter it.

When they were on the other side of the mirror, they could hear voices and get lost entirely in these age-old stories.

 Muriel Montini lives and works in Paris. Since 2000, she has made several movies screened in different international important institutions (Muse du Jeu de Paume, Anthology Film Archives New York, Images Passages…) and festivals (Hamburg International Short Film Festival, FID de Marseille, Rencontres Paris “Berlin, European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck)

 BodyScan by  Alexandra Spence & Katrina Stamatopoulos, Duration Mins/Secs  3.38

 discarded scraps of film
breath, heartbeat, voice, sine tones.

Made with discarded scraps of 35mm photographic film, flashes of texture move to collect a body of material, whilst the sound waves develop a physicality as they propagate through the space between the viewers ears.

‘like colours seen / felt when eyes are pressed closed with palms.’

 Alexandra Spence is an audiovisual artist and musician from Sydney, Australia. She works within the mediums of installation, electroacoustic composition, improvised music and experimental performance. Alexâ’s practice draws from acoustic ecology, psycho-geography and phenomenology to explore the idea of listening as an active practice, examining the ways in which our individual notions of place and identity are shaped and mediated through sound. Her aesthetic favours small sounds, hidden sonic processes, subtlety, quietude and unusual sound sources. Alex has performed and presented work in concerts, festivals, symposiums and galleries in Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Katrina Stamatopoulos is a photo artist based in London.
Her interests are located amongst the hazy borders of what is considered true and make-believe, and how we misperceive through photography.

Graduating in 2012 at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney, Katrina has since then,
been a previous resident of the BigCi (Bilpin Ground for Creative Initiatives) Wollemi National Park, Australia, and Haihatus Art Center, Finland. In 2017, she participated in group exhibitions Myth & Lore, Styx, London, SEETHROUGH & LAS,
Fountayne road, London, and Stimulus, presented by Art. Number 23, Athens. Katrina has also presented
Seeps through the Tale, a collaborative show with restaurant/ artspace LOVENpresents, London.
She is currently an MFA student at Goldsmiths, London

 Ego-Crazia by Francesca Leoni, Duration Mins/Secs 8.20

 The dynamics and search of power inside oneself and inside society. What pushes someone in the search of personal and social power and how it transform human beings.

 Francesca Leoni is an Italian video artist and performer with a degree in Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina (Wilmington, USA). While studying at university she began attending theatre workshops focused on body and emotions through âœthe methodâ. Back in Italy she became more and more involved in cinema and video art by studying under Italian and foreign teachers. Her primary objective is the investigation of the body conceived as a soundboard for emotions which cast a light on the correlation between man and his life in the contemporary world by using performances, video art and experimental cinema. In June 2011 a collaboration with video artist and performer Davide Mastrangelo led to the birth of Con.Tatto. Their works are distributed through international video art and performance festivals and platforms related to this specific area.

I am just trying to say that i love life by Giorgos Efthimiou, Duration Mins/Secs 6

Filming the ghostline of a spiritual living in the heart of the city.

“Giorgos was born in Athens, Greece (1988). After combining Economic Studies in Athens University with cinema & art journalism, he decided that he likes more to make and watch movies. At the same time, he admires any other form of personal expression. He took seminars & workshops on film production and film-making. After that and-since 2011, he has made several short films (like Maniac 8.2.8 & Melani), a lot of video art pieces and also a lot of web video projects. Motherland (2018) is his first feature film. Moreover he works as visual artist, performer, and director in theatres. http://kioythings.blogspot.gr

Atlas of uncertainty by Massimo Vito Avantaggiato, Duration Mins/Secs 7.54

“Atlas of Uncertainty is an experimental music video based on the representation of 4 Classical elements, that typically refer to the concepts in Ancient Greece of water, fire, earth and aether, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances.

The music that accompanies this computer generated video is a sonic continuum ranging from unaltered natural sounds to entirely new sounds – or, more poetically — from the real world to the realm of the imagination. of the imagination.

Heterogeneous inharmonic sound materials are explored through various techniques (granular, subtractive). The sounds and the images are here combined in well- identifiable gestures.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: JIFF FESTIVAL, November 2017, New Delhi, India; Oasis Short Film Festival, August 2017, New York, USA.


OTHER FILM FESTIVALS: SEGNALI 2017, Perugia, Italy; Oasis Short Film Festival, August 2017, New York, USA; – Bushwick Open Studios at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick; EX NIHILO 2017, Mexico;  MATERA INTERMEDIA 2017 (FINALIST).

 Light by Reza Golchin, Duration Mins/Secs 2

Children in the Talesh city mountains.

Freelance photographer and filmmaker

Plant Dreaming Deep by Charlotte Clermont & Emilie Payeur,  Duration Mins/Secs 7

 Plant Dreaming Deep convey states of transitions, loneliness, isolation, as well as uncertainty. Following a diary-like aesthetic, images are distorted by analog manipulations, revealing deep colours and thick textures. Simultaneously, they seem to capture a sense of discovery and a feeling of oppression. From an introspective approach, the images oscillates between proximity and distance, playing with absurdity and intensity. The project is a collaboration with experimental musician Emilie Payeur.

Charlotte Clermont is interested in the moving image and the possible connection between the treatment of her materials and the themes which she explores. Working with VHS, MiniDV, Super8 and surveillance camera, the visual quality of her images, often dreamy and misty, tends to capture the complexity of her relationship towards people and her environment. Her videos are part of an oneiric universe and raises questions about her own emotional and psychological development. By re-appropriating the image through analog manipulations and distortions, she subtly reveals a fragmented and non-linear narrative thread, where tension, intimacy, mystery and daily life coexist.

Graduated from Concordia University with a BFA in Studio Arts, her work has been presented in Canada and internationally (Biennale Itoshima Arts Farm, IFF Rotterdam, Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, Festival Oodaaq, European Media Art Festival, La Traverse Vidéo, Bideodromo). She has participated in audiovisual performances in Montreal (Nuit Blanche, Suoni Per Il Popolo, Jeunesse Cosmique, mercredimusics) and Kuala Lumpur (KLEX Experimental Film, Video and Music Festival). Her videos are distributed by Videographe, Video Out and Winnipeg Film Group. In 2018, she is going to be an artist in residence at Fusion Gallery, Italy, and Shiro Oni, Japan.

Full Moon by Pierre Ajavon, Duration Mins/Secs 2.40

“Full Moon” is a psychedelic and aesthetic reverie – the mind wanders to the soundscape, reminiscences and apparitions.
A cosmic dream,, floating in weightlessness in the midst of organic shapes with moving and dynamic colors.

Born on May ’66 in Paris, Pierre Ajavon is a video artist, multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, arranger and sound engineer. He lives and works in Paris.
After majoring in social sciences in the Psychedelic Culture area, he undertook a long musical journey. While undergoing training as sound engineer in 2013, Pierre Ajavon moved toward video art to broaden his own field of artistic expression.
Video soon turned out as a vital introspective and aesthetical tool for his artistic works.
He produced many experimental short films which he filmed, edited, and provided with a musical production. Since 2015 he has diversified his research. He redefined the dialogue between sound and moving pictures by creating a triangulation henceforth including still images.

Sample16 by Mark A. Zuniga, Duration Mins/Secs 7.19

A study of light and shadow through time. This film was made using a 16mm optical printer, then digitally sequenced. The music is also edited to match the visuals. The song, ‘Cliffs’ by Aphex Twin, is used with permission.

Mark A. Zuniga is a photographer and filmmaker. Born in 1983, Mark grew up on the roads of Texas, staying in any town his father could find work. Countless hours in vehicles, towns, and strange beds left him to spend a lot of time aware of his transience, deconstructing objects and people to discover why they are the way they are. His work is shaped by those fleeting moments and the strangers that leave an impression; he is always in pursuit of understanding the world or just another human being.

Mark acquired a BFA in Film and Animation production from Rochester Institute of Technology with further film studies and productions in Paris, France and New York, New York. Mark’s work has exhibited widely by various hosts, including Magmart International Screening in Naples, Italy; isfth Foundation Selection in The Hague, Netherlands; ImageMovementSound in Rochester, NY; and VisualContainer in Milan, Italy. After some globetrotting, he has settled down in San Antonio, Texas to continue his work.

 Simulacro by Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo,  Duration Mins/Secs 2.40

A simulacrum is a representation or imitation of a person or thing. In contemporary society we virtually build images of ourselves to relate to others and to the world. An image that doesn’t really need to be truthful but only truth like.

Con.Tatto is an artistic project formed by Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo. Their exploration focus on the human condition in contemporary societies through various perspectives. Most relevant to their works is the topic of man-woman relationship in multiple social dimensions: romantic relationships, peoples’ customs and traditions, ideological and religious manipulation. They offer symbolic exempla of these conditions through their performative ‘tableau’. Con.Tatto is presently included in international festivals and events.

Their new works are distributed by Visualcontainer in Italy and by VIVO Media Arts Centre in Canada.

Spring Mirror by Ruxandra Mitache, Duration Mins/Secs  9.26

A short experimental piece using Macro Photography.
This project started with an idea to shoot organic forms using macro photography and to construct an abstract narrative from microcosms of nature in spring.

My work is part of a meditative and transitive process in which the relationship with nature and light is of essence for my practice. In light and nature, I find active inspiration, the forms generated provide immersion in transformative and regenerative processes.
Working with painting, photography and video, my work tries to capture the plasticity of the medium. Inspired by the interaction of light through different mediums, I explore the complex concept of perception and the abstract juxtaposition of the stable and unstable media.
Ruxandra Mitache (Romania, 1979), visual artist having studied Fine Arts at Bucharest University of Arts, currently lives and works in Switzerland. Working mainly with abstract painting, and more recently exploring themes of the transitive through video and installation.

 The Antiteater of Ten (A Short Film) – Martin Del Carpio, Duration Mins/Secs 10.36

 I love cinema. I am utterly fascinated by it. To have a chance to express my own inner depths with it, makes me feel nothing but truly grateful. Here’s a piece that was offered to me to experiment with and bring to life. As always in my art, I trusted my gut instincts and held on to that dearly without worrying too much about the ultimate outcome.

Born in Venezuela but raised in New York, where he currently lives, Martin Del Carpio is an artist marked by experimentation, the search of new concepts, sounds and melodies, by a fascination with lyrics and the journey that music takes us on.

Under the Ground by Don Greenwood, Duration Mins/Secs 10.47

In the centre of Greenwich Park, London. There is an underground reservoir. It hasn’t been used since the Victorian era. The entrance was sealed off for safety and fencing put in place. But someone or something has given it a new purpose and use for something far more sinister and strange.

Zero Degree Overlap, by Zlatko Cosic, Duration Mins/Secs 3

Abstract explorations of nature.
Walking around Lake Celina, one cold sunny day. A distinct sound brought me closer to the edge. The sun did the rest.

Zlatko Cosic is a video artist born in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia. Cosic’s work spans a number of disciplines, including short films, video installations, theater projections, and live audio-visual performances. His work relates to issues of identity, immigration, and the complexities of living in unfamiliar cultural environments. Cosic’s artwork has been shown in over forty countries, for which he has received a variety of recognition.

Let The Devil In by Paul Ottey, Duration Mins/Secs 7.22

A short film about losing control. Shot on an A7s with Samyang and Sony lenses and a 100 year old lens gaffer taped to the camera. Sound design created from various stock effects, my own recordings and some synthesised and processed on my iPad and in Reaktor.

I started my career as a mechanical engineer before shifting my focus and working on corporate video, this led me to work in factual film production with a lot of experience in crime and history documentaries. I currently work on a number of large international projects for broadcast TV. In my spare time I make my own short films and technical tests and have also worked on a number of low and no budget independent short films. I also teach in the areas of factual production, lighting and camera and production technology.

Memories of Filey by Susie Green, Duration Mins/Secs  9.17

This piece portrays the experience of sound-inside-sound, and the interaction of two simultaneous embodied experiences. Field recordings from a visit to Filey, UK were played through an underwater speaker in a pool in Miami, FL, USA and recorded, along with my singing, by a hydrophone. My movements underwater were filmed and gestures were run through The Tesseract, a bespoke software system created during my research at The University of Huddersfield which interprets movements to shape sound using Laban Movement Theory. Rhythm and phrases were analyzed and extracted from the underwater recordings and structured as a palindrome.  It begins with the raw sounds of Filey waves and progresses into a pop-driven central section. The third section of the piece slowly morphs back into the original Filey field recordings. This piece represents the embodiment of the entire experience containing the two soundscapes and the memory of one processing into the other and back again. The cycling of these two is also a virtual tesseract in motion creating a separate dimension of experience altogether. It was in this water-within-water where two very different environments were unified and the movement of one inside the other created textures and shapes that would not have existed otherwise.

Susie Green (Miami, FL) is an audio/visual, Cuban/American artist working at the intersection of music, art and science. Following a sound engineering internship at Gloria Estefan’s Crescent Moon Studios where she composed alongside Grammy Award winning producers/artist she subsequently sang backgrounds on two world tours. She continued producing sound design for short films and productions while undertaking post-graduate research in interactive composition at the University of Huddersfield. She explored means by which to harness the body’s movements to shape sound, based on Laban’s Movement Theory, expanding theoretically to explore concepts from quantum mechanics to sound/movement therapy.

Uncle Bingo by Adam de la Cour, Duration Mins/Secs 5.20

A man recalls an unusual encounter in a public toilet with the mysterious individual known as ‘Big Pete’; amidst the low-key surroundings, will he finally find the answer to one of life’s biggest questions?

“Adam de la Cour (b.1979) makes films, writes music, and performs in a variety of settings.

 My work often features elements of absurdity, irreverence, virtuosity, self-sabotage and stupidity, and has its roots in experimental film, video art, genre movies and trash cinema. I also create interactive, musical films involving live performers.

 In the House of Mantegna by Michele Manzini, Duration Mins/Secs 6.36

In these worlds inhabited by the body, the senses and experience, there entered artists and poets who wrote detailed logbooks of their explorations. But these voyagers were attracted by two horizons. On the one hand, the wish to pervade those spaces with a harmony consisting of order and measure; on the other hand, the seduction of darkness, a seduction to the point where Conrad lost himself in darkness or Sade in madness. But on the line separating the two paths vertigo awaits us. On one side is the brink of the gloomy and unfathomable abyss, and on the other the mysterious face of possible but always ungraspable happiness. The two seem equivalent, equally terrible and frightening because words do not exist for either, everything seems mute and unrepresentable. This is the “seasickness on the land” of which Kafka spoke, the alienation of our usual intelligence, one that leads us out of the ancient house of language, out of the context in which we are used to reading our experiences. This is the knowledge of the precariousness that can make us understand that other paths are possible with respect to those historically followed by humanity. It is possible to translate what seems mute and unrepresentable into a language and sense. Otherwise it is the thought of The Man Without Qualities. The movement of Musil’s thought  becomes a unique “figure” that for him was able to contain what stands “undecided between two worlds”. In this figure, the fragments of the world that surrounds us  do nor recompose into a conciliatory and definitive image, but remain a portion, a part, by surpassing the limits of the concept and going beyond the fascination of the image.

“Michele Manzini. Born on 1967. Lives and work in Verona, (Italy). For many years his art has been concentrated on the definition of figures that can suggest instability and conflict as unresolved elements. His work develops through the use of a wide variety of media, among which video, photography, installations, writing, and performances. He has exhibited his works in numerous shows and venues in Italy and abroad, among them the Italian Institute of Culture, Prague, 2009; MAXXI, Rome, 2009; SUPEC, Shanghai during the 2010 Expo; and the Venice Biennale in 2011 and 2013. His last video “Snags in Palladio” have been selected  for important international festivals and have been screened at the Saitama Arts Theater in 2015; the Perez Art Museum Miami, 2016; the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York, 2016; the ZKM in Karlsruhe, 2017; the Nevada Museum of Art, 2017 and The Withechapel Gallery, London, 2017. He has published various essays and texts, among which “Il paesaggio e il suo mito” Editions de la Villette, Paris, 2002, and “Mescolanze” Edizioni Kn-Studio, 2011.                                                                                                                                                         In 2009 he was awarded the Terna prize for contemporary art.”

life would be tragic if it weren’t funny by Jolene Mok, Duration Mins/Secs 3.55

 As if I were your cat.’

‘Making musical rhythm using noises.’

 Jolene Mok (b. 1984) was born and raised in British Hong Kong. An experimental artist, she takes video art & experimental film as her major creative platforms. Mok earned her M.F.A. in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University in 2013. She has been exposed to an interdisciplinary learning and working environment since her undergraduate education in the School of Creative Media through her major in the Critical Inter-Media Laboratory (2003-2007). Since 2006, Mok’s works have been shown worldwide. From 2011 onwards, she has been on itinerant taking part in artist residency programs, and she has a particular interest in undertaking artist residency programs in remote locations.